Potato Box Plans

diy potato box

While walking around Lowe’s with the kiddos looking for vegetables to plant, they both decided that they wanted to plant potatoes. We bought them and thought I may just put them in our raised beds along the driveway. Our back yard has a forest and is so shady along with our deck where we tried container gardening the last two year. I decided to see other suggestions for growing potatoes and I found an old article on a potato box. I thought I would share the tutorial I made with you in case you want to make one also!


6, 3.5″ x 72″ cedar fence post

1 5/8″ exterior wood screws

Wood glue

Miter saw

Drill and bits

Cut list:

4- 2×2″ at 33″ for supports

18-1×3.5″ cedar fence pickets at 24″

18- 1×3.5″ cedar fence pickets at 21″


Step 1:

Make all of the cuts per the cut list above

diy potato box

Step 2:

Screw together 2 of the 24″ and 2 of the 21″ pieces to create a frame.

diy potato box

Step 3:

Repeat this process until you have 9 of these frames. These 9 frames will be stacked on top of each other to create the potato box.

Step 4:

Attach the four 33″ 2×2 with screws in each of the four outside corners of your frames.

diy potato box

Step 5:

Stack two more of the frames onto the original base frame. This will make up area that you plant your potatoes.

diy potato box


Step 6:

Pick the location of your planter box somewhere where you will get at least 6 hours of direct sun. Add a bit of soil to the bottom.

diy potato box

Step 7:

Plant the seed potatoes 4″ deep and cover them with soil.

diy potato box
diy potato box

Step 8:

When your plant reaches 12″ high add more frames and soil. Make sure not to cover more than 1/3 of the plant. You will continue adding soil and frames throughout the growing season until all 9 frames have been added.


Step 9:

To harvest your potatoes remove one of the bottom frame boards so you can access your potatoes. Remove all of the potatoes on this level. Once you are done reattach board. Continue to do this process of removing frame boards until you reach the top.

Hope you enjoy the million ways to eat a potato!!

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